Special Discount for Hands on Development Tour in Nepal – Stephanie Woollard

Melbourne born and based social entrepreneur Stephanie Woollard was recently awarded the prestigious International Responsible Business award at the United Nations in New York; one of six winners world-wide for her work with her foundation Seven Women.   Her story started with a trip to Nepal, where Stephanie met seven women with disabilities who were operating out of a tin shed and experiencing harsh discrimination. Having witnessed the stark contrast between her quality of life and that of many women living in the impoverished country, she felt she had to do something to make a difference. Together with the seven women Stephanie created a women’s skills training centre, where women learn skills that empower them economically. Fast forward to today and the initial seven women have now taken on managerial roles at the centre, which now employs over 450 women, and are keen to pass on their skills to others. ‘I am […]