Special Discount for Hands on Development Tour in Nepal – Stephanie Woollard

Melbourne born and based social entrepreneur Stephanie Woollard was recently awarded the prestigious International Responsible Business award 20161111_us_042at the United Nations in New York; one of six winners world-wide for her work with her foundation Seven Women.
Her story started with a trip to Nepal, where Stephanie met seven women with disabilities who were operating out of a tin shed and experiencing harsh discrimination. Having witnessed the stark contrast between her quality of life and that of many women living in the impoverished country, she felt she had to do something to make a difference. Together with the seven women Stephanie created a women’s skills training centre, where women learn skills that empower them economically. Fast forward to today and the initial seven women have now taken on managerial roles at the centre, which now employs over 450 women, and are keen to pass on their skills to others.
‘I am incredibly moved by the experience at the UN, and am so grateful to all the people whom have supported Seven Women over the last decade. This recognition reaffirms the work we do in such a meaningful way, and this recognition is felt throughout our entire organisation. We’re deeply honoured.’ said Stephanie of her time in New York. 
Stephanie also owns and operates the cultural immersion tour company, Hands on Development, that brings people to Nepal and shows the work of the Seven Women organisation first hand whilst exploring the surrounds of Kathmandu.
Only operating four carefully curated experiences per year, the first for 2017 will be running from the 13th to the 22nd of January.Applications are now open via the webpage www.handsondevelopment.com.au.
These cultural tours are a fantastic and challenging way to experience grassroots development and learn about a different culture – see Sophie’s experience here! 
Special Offer for past Fairly Educated Participants: If you book for the tour you can have a one time only discount of $250 from the total cost! 
For further details on the work of Seven Women and Stephanie Woollard’s groundbreaking work in Nepal visit www.sevenwomen.org.
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