About Us

Fairly Educatd Logo 2014

Fairly Educated is a not for profit initiative that aims to unite tertiary Fair Trade movements across the globe.

Why Fair Trade?

We want to see extreme poverty eliminated, and are advocating that as humans living with a global social and environmental footprint we should try to minimise our impact on the earth, by being responsible global citizens.

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to trade where the social and environmental costs of production are carefully considered and minimised, and where small-scale producers and farmers who cannot compete as easily on a global market have greater access to markets, to fair prices, and to decent working conditions.  Forced and child labour is eradicated and a fair price is paid for the product. Environmental standards are put in place to ensure that environmental protection and management is included.

Why Universities & Tertiary Institutions?

Universities are, and have historically been, the location from which society as a whole evolves. As such Fairly Educated wishes to support the growth in ethical consumerism exploding out of the tertiary education sector. We believe that for the first time in history, students and staff at universities across the globe can play a leading role as part of the solution to rather than the cause of, exploitation, inequality and absolute poverty.

Why Fairly Educated?

Fairly Educated is a not-for profit initiative and network that aims to unite, combine and grow tertiary Fair Trade movements across the globe.  Fairly Educated is here to assist those of you who are in the process of seeking justice by promoting fair trade on campus, as well as providing resources and ideas for those of you who are thinking about beginning.  Fairly Educated provides a platform for the Fair Trade movement to share resources, ideas and experiences.  This is possible through online mediums and the annual conference held in a different city each year.

The Fairly Educated Initiative is NOT another Non-Government Organisation (NGO).  On the contrary, the Fairly Educated initiative aims to reinforce the work of existing NGO activist groups, such as Vision Generation (World Vision’s Youth), Oxfam, Oaktree and many more! By better equipping these groups with materials specific to getting universities providing fair trade products, their campaigns can be even more successful.

Therefore Fairly Educated is here to reinforce the fantastic existing work of NGOs, as opposed to trying to compete or replace them.  Fairly Educated looks to partner with other not for profit entities in the crucial role getting more fair trade products sold on university campuses around the world.

If you are an organisation, business or individual that would like to be involved in fair trade campaigns on campuses anywhere please get in contact! 

What do we do to support fair trade movements on campus?

Fairly Educated seeks to build a network between Fair Trade university movements in order to aid information and resource sharing and offer encouragement in campaigning. Our aim is to do a range of things to support these university students and staff groups.

Support Campus Groups

  • We provide support and mentoring to the tertiary fair trade movements, communication through online mediums and conference calls.
  • Provide a space on this website for each university or tertiary institution to showcase what it is they do, and how people can get in contact with them.

Facilitate Networks

  • Liaise with other stakeholders and help form collaborations and make introductions between business, NGOs, community groups, organisations, producer groups and busienesess
  • Have strong dialogue and support from the Fair Trade Association and Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand to plan joint events for Fair Trade fortnight and to share resources.

Share & Create Resources

  • Create generic resources for people interested in starting fair trade movements, and resources that might be useful to campaigners
  • We collate resources from individual universities, including formal documents (such as policies, meeting minutes, procedures, proposals), promotional and education materials (flyers, power-point presentations, event ideas), and research papers.
  • Our Facebook group has some of the most up to date information regarding progress groups are making and events they are holding
  • Encourage universities to share on social media and Youtube what they are doing to motivate and inspire other groups.

Provide a space for discussion

  • A blog to aid in the sharing resources, to feature universities and common threads of discussion, including development, trade and poverty research
  • Often we are asked to consult with different movements around the world or within Australia regarding new campaigns or organisations. In fact the Co-founders Chris and Vic helped the US universities movement kickstart, and have had a lot to do over there!

Annual Fairly Educated Conference

Our biggest activity is to host an annual conference in a different city each year which provides a fantastic opportunity to network, learn and share from like-minded people, and become fairly educated! Read more about our past conferences here, and our upcoming conference in July 2015 in Adelaide here.

Who is Fairly Educated?

Fairly Educated is EVERYONE involved in the Fair Trade movement at tertiary education campuses (i.e. Universities, Colleges, TAFES).

In Australia & NZ, we have a coordinator, who’s role is to connect and facilitate relationships with Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.  The primary means of communication are email and online support, and our annual conference.

Advisory Mentors are passionate about social justice, the tertiary sector and are great thinkers!  All have been involved with the Fair Trade University movement in some capacity, either as a student or staff at a university, or through previous or current roles with peak fair trade bodies.

Everyone else involved in their tertiary campus movement is part of Fairly Educated. This involves clubs from existing NGOs that have poverty alleviation as part of their key goals.  These include groups like Oxfam, Oaktree, and Vision Generation – the youth component of World Vision. Some groups are dedicated to Fair Trade, and some are staff from procurement or sustainability parts of the university.