Daily Archives: February 10, 2016

O’week coming up – what’s your plan?

Hi Uni Groups! One of my favourite parts about starting the new year was being on Orientation Week stalls – the colours, the excitement of new students eager to make friends and be stimulated, the free things, catching up with friends. If you haven’t already gotten onto it – you may miss out if you don’t book a spot soon! Usually all clubs get a stall to promote their activities and recruit members during O’week. Why is running a stall at O’week important? 1) It’s the first event where are allowed to actively recruit people on campus, so they’ll all be there, don’t miss out! 2) Is always a big recruitment drive for your contact list 3) EVERY CONVERSATION MATTERS! You have a captive audience of new, mostly young students who are mostly bored of holidays, excited and apprehensive to find friends, new interests, pursue the interests that make them different, and in many […]