The 2016 Team

This year’s Fairly Educated Conference is hosted by the Deakin University Fairtrade Group. Attending the conference isn’t just about listening to speakers and attending workshops, it’s also about meeting like-minded people and bonding together.

The core members of the Fairtrade Geelong group and Vgen group from Burwood will be listed below with a spill about who they are. Make sure you have a chat with them to get to know each other more and learn from them what it takes to become a visionary and a leader!

Michelle Worsley


“I’m Michelle. Here’s just a snapshot of me being a random nerd who loves to get involved with everything. Yes, I once rocked up in a Pikachu Onesie at Melbourne’s biggest Climate March. I love all things environmental and ethical, which is why I’m on the Fairly Educated Team to spread the passion for greater sustainability across our community.”

D’Arcy Curtis-McDonald


Here we have D’Arcy, another of our FEC core committee members. Idealistic, bubbly and spirited, you’re most likely to find her at the local hipster coffee shop brunching with friends or buried in a novel – Harry Potter, anyone? 😛

Omar Izzat Kaddoura


This is Omar, one of our core members, enthusiastic, passionate, and always there with a helping hand. Palestinian refugee, socialist, and extreme fun-enist 😛 Loves a good laugh, and great company, unless you steal his hat! xP

Melanie Lazelle


Global citizen with a love of experiencing different cultures, learning new things, and exploring the world. Dedicated to having a positive impact and catalysing change.

Rebekah de Keijzer


Hi I’m Rebekah and I’m thrilled to be a part of FEC 2016! I’m passionate about human rights, animal rights, the environment and ensuring our world is equal and just for all.

Oscar Bitton


Hi, my name is Oscar, I am an avid traveler who loves seeing and learning about different people’s cultures and lives. I believe in helping those who are in need.

Margrit Saad

mother cnt

My name is Margrit, am a very determined girl that enjoys good company and a nice drink! Making the world a better place is just something that makes me happy within myself so I try my best to do so.