Conference Vision

Visionary: ‘Small Change … Great Impact!’

The conference will capture this notion by inspiring delegates to truly make a difference in the world. We want every visionary to walk away a leader, a change maker, and a true inspiration.

Day 1: 
Networking with other likeminded and passionate individuals, SONY DSCdelegates will be immersed in the values and principles of Fair Trade. Small workshops explaining both the characteristics and importance of Fair Trade and Fair Trade accreditation will run throughout the afternoon. The focus is on helping delegates realise their individual potential to make change and to create goals that will allow them to achieve this. The evening will be a relaxed, social Oxjam event with local bands performing; showcasing how charity events can be both fun and productive.

Day 2: Small Change, Great Impact
Featuring keynote speakers, workshops and a political panel, the second day focuses on developing ideas and learning from the inspirational experiences of individuals who have enacted great change in the world. With sustainability a major topic, delegates will hear from business leaders who have made valuable social changes and who display the best practice in sustainability areas. Group workshops in the afternoon will allow further networking and a chance to develop your own initiatives and ideas.

Day 3: Development of Visionaries
The final day is a culmination of everything previous, with delegates hudsons-94learning how to put into practice the principles and ideas learnt throughout the conference. With the focus on creating leaders that are passionate and capable, day 3 will involve the preparation of personal and university development plans.

Delegates should leave the conference passionate and prepared to initiate their goals for the future, knowing that they are supported and part of a bigger picture of social change.

This year’s conference theme: “Dream a Change, Learn to Change, Drive the Change” to signify the application of knowledge and information learnt at the conference into actions to support the Fair Trade Movement at their universities and in the wider community. We hope that throughout the weekend, there will be a smooth transition from one pillar to the other, with the conference commencement and earlier sessions being “Dream a Change” focused, and ending with “Drive the Change” on the third day.