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Every 90 seconds a mother dies in childbirth, with 99% of these deaths happening in developing nations. Globally, 2.9 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life because they don’t have access to basic health care.

We reckon that’s pretty messed up. That’s why 100% of the profits from our baby range will help get health services like immunisation programs and medical supplies to mums and bubs in need.
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Humans of Fairly Educated, meet Sandy!

"My name is Sandra (but I prefer Sandy!) and I'm currently finishing year 12 at RMIT. I guess my passion and interest for FairTrade stems from my Mexican background and as it's commonly known, there is much poverty, crime and exploitation generally in Latin American countries. I also studied Global Politics last year which has been incredibly relevant during this weekend (#FEC2016), and through my studies I've just allowed myself to follow my interests, what I have a passion for and what I can see myself having an impact on.
I probably didn't get a chance to speak to many of you at the conference; I am more of the quiet and observing type! It can be quite intimidating being in a room full of amazing people that have a clear path towards their goals and a drive which has helped them achieve so much already. But I reflected and I realised how lucky I was and how I'm one of the people that benefitted the most out of this weekend. I have all this knowledge, ideas and inspiration now that I will be able to apply from here on. One main thing that I took away is to choose a single field, and to not attempt to fix all of the world's problems (I wish!). For me especially, I'll be looking to study environmental science. My dream is to work in conservation, hopefully specialising in palm oil exploitation in the Indonesian rainforests. Thank you to everyone who organised and facilitated the conference. I was blown away since day one! I loved talking to everyone I had a chance to meet and if anyone has any advice or comments, please message me or add me! Thank you all again and I rest assured that all of us will have a great impact in our own ways " :)
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